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About Me

Hi, I'm Abigail, and I do love a good party!

It must be genetic. My mother tells me the story of my five-year birthday party, how all I wanted for my gift was a clown costume, which, of course, I wore to the party. It was a pink and blue polka dotted number with a solid pink neck ruffle and a pointed hat topped with a yarn tuft. Could that have been the start of my love for themed parties?

I fondly remember planning a 1st birthday party for my now 9 year old daughter. Even back in 2003, I was adamant that I would not buy a prepackaged "kit" of birthday supplies. No Dora, no Thomas the Train and NO princesses! Once I had arrogantly announced this plan to my friends I couldn't then go back on my word, even after I discovered how difficult it was to create everything from the ground up. Oh, the pressures of your child’s very first birthday party! Thankfully, I had a computer, a degree in graphic design and DNA saturated with creativity.

In 2008, Paper & Cake was launched with a nod to my past and an eye on the future of entertaining - printable partyware.

Each printable partyware collection is a uniquely designed themed party, which includes 10-15 items, such as; invitation, pennant banner, favor box, party food labels and cupcake toppers. Upon downloading a party collection PDF from the website, customers can easily personalize text on many of the party items - no specialty software required. Specifically designed to be quick and easy to put together, every item is formatted to print on 8 1/2 x 11” paper, and can be assembled using nothing more than scissors and tape.

Saving the planet one party at a time.

With environmental sustainability at the forefront of consumer minds these days, it is important to be able to offer a unique and creative product that puts less in our landfills, and leaves more in our pocketbooks.

The digital nature of Paper & Cake printable partyware reduces emissions caused by trucking and other forms of shipping. Purchasing a printable party collection from Paper & Cake bypasses the waste associated with prepackaged party goods in a retail store. The ability to print only as much or as little as you need reduces excesses in manufacturing, warehousing, packaging and shipping materials.

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