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Rainy Day Activity

>> Monday, January 4, 2010

What do you get when you cross a brand new "Cakelet" cake pan from Williams Sonoma, and a Cookie and Cupcake Decorating set from Kuhn Rikon with an entire day spent inside because of rain?



Well obviously, you get 4 super happy and super SUGAR energized kids!

The cake pan was a Christmas gift, and I used spray Pam with flour to ensure my box-of-cake mix didn't stick. One box would have made a pan's worth (6 cakelets) plus at least one single cake (had I not thrown out the rest of the batter). The spray Pam with flour is a DREAM and made those cakes just glide out of the pan.

For frosting, I made a double batch of royal icing - and separated it into 4 smaller batches to color with neon food coloring. I am still trying to figure out the "trick" to getting the icing into the little squeeze bottles - let me know if you have any tips for me - it is just plain messy getting them filled.

And lastly, have the vacuum cleaner nearby and plugged in, those sprinkles get everywhere!


Miss Amy O January 11, 2010 at 7:12 AM  

your little squeezy frosters look perfect for tiny hands. great find!

Renee February 5, 2010 at 11:25 AM  

I know it seems like a little more work, but when I use those I take a ziploc bag or any plastic clear bag, normally I use icing bags. Fill the bag with the icing, snip a corner off and wedge the bag into the opening of the icing squeezers and squeeze the icing out into the container. That way when the containers get a little empty you have the bag waiting there to refill it again.

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