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>> Monday, November 30, 2009

Get ready for a trifecta of printable parties! About a month ago, Kaylee asked if we had any "Tool" themed birthday party collections to go with her son's vision of a "Handy Manny" Birthday. We did have one in the works (if you want yours today, just ask) but not photographed yet. In addition to this birthday, Kaylee was one busy party planner! Here is what she had to say:


My month of cutting.

In the last 31 days I have cut out happily 3 parties. I started with the Halloween party having a pre-trick-or-treat party for our neighbors. Bug cakes and mummy dogs have never looked so cute.

2 weeks later I had a cruise line party for Disney. I snatched up the Sail Away set and added a few Mickey stickers. All I had to add was plates, cups and silverware and some velum paper to the banner. In using the food picks I didn't need to explain that "those are shrimp burgers" all night and was able to enjoy the party.

Then just yesterday my son turned 3. He loves Handy Manny. My husband and I did not like the party set that featured Manny in the stores. We wanted Manny to look like a guest not the center of attention. Abigail so nicely designed a tool set for us to use.

I cut out paper tools for the felt tool belts I made out of 8x11 pieces of felt and ribbon. The tool belts were stuffed with a few Handy Manny party items and went with a construction hat all bought from Oriental Trading. The hamburger slide made the perfect marker holder. The kids got a kick out of choosing which paper sleeve they wanted on the drink cup.

They played and colored then ate toolbox cake (complete with cut out tools but from a Disney website). My husband and I got what we wanted, Manny was only on the napkins and on one large balloon which made it look like he was a guest. And the best thing was I did this all at home behind the computer, no running around to 6 different stores!!!


Thanks for sharing Kaylee - you really outdid yourself!


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