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Guest {Star} Genevieve: Print. Cut. Bedazzle!

>> Monday, February 7, 2011

Happy Day lovelies! How stoked am I to be hijacking Abigail's blog today! (Touchdown Dance!!!)

I'm a HUGE stalker so this is an EPIC honor!!!

Here's to hoping my post inspires you to get crazy crafty with your printables!


Think BEYOND the booth!

If you think photo booth props are JUST for parties, think again superchicks!

Creative gift giving is a MUST in my word! And since my brain is always on "CREATE", I thought I'd fashion some of these sweet little Valentine's Day Printable Photo Props into the PERFECT GIFT!

My SuperSophie was thrilled beyond words when I shared this "special gift" with her!

Who says one must host a "real" party to enjoy these fun "toys"! I knew she'd enjoy what I had planed, but I never expected this "gift" would keep her entertained for HOURS!

I took my Valentine's photo props to a whole new level by glittering and beddazling them! What can I say?! I'm a superchick! Go big or go home!  ;-)

My original plan was to play "silly tea party" by introducing Sophie's bears to their new "dress up accessories"! But my rockstar had a different plan! The second she spotted the lips and stashes she squealed with delight and grabbed her digital camera!

She spent HOURS playing "photographer"!


(You say STASH but Sophie says BANGS! LMAO)

Trust me when I tell you that this PDF download was da bomb! Best $$$ you'll ever spend!

PRINT. CUT. PLAY. as often as you want!

Be crafty, be creative and think BEYOND the timeless photo booth!

Oh oh... and I almost forgot!!! That same afternoon, we also used our "props" to bling out our cupcakes!!! (His for Bear and Hers for Dollie!)

What a perfect ending to a charming teddy bear playdate! 
Abigail!!! You're such an inspiration and you're work is beyond stellar! Thanks again for inviting me to play with your FANTABULOUS printable photo booth props!!!

Kiss Kiss to you and your awesome readers! 

Genevieve (AKA Superchick!)

Discover more about Genevieve at Celebrate Today the Superchick Way


MiMi March 15, 2011 at 4:44 AM  

Those are really nice crafts and decors. I like it.

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