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Post-Weekend Update

>> Monday, July 11, 2011

My cute husband had the day off on Friday, so he took me on a super ultra romantic day trip to downtown Los Angeles. We are on a mission to find something ANYTHING to use to recover our family room couch. We have a family friend who works down near the textile district, and offered to guide us through in hopes of finding the perfect upholstery fabric.

Because Friday traffic around Southern California is always ridiculous, we decided to take the metro. The Blue Line is a direct link between Long Beach, and downtown - it goes straight through Compton and Watts, right past the Staples Center and ultimately meets up with our Red Line, the LA Subway (all 15 miles of it).

We met up with Audrey, of The Bella Bambino, at the COOLEST place I have been to in a very long time - work wise. It is a Co-working office called Indie Desk. I'm sure many of you have heard of this phenomenon - sharing a work space - but it sure was news to me, and if lived anywhere near it I would totally sign up! But I am not taking the metro. Not through Compton. And not to downtown. ick.

So there we were, total tourists looking up, with cameras. Making our way through the fashion district to where they sell - fabrics. Lots of fabrics.

Now, we didn't find everything we need, but I am HOOKED on this particular upholstery, and I'm thinking it will look super cute in our family room. I promise to take pictures of the final product - hopefully before the spills and grubby little fingerprints begin.


Adriana July 11, 2011 at 4:48 PM  

How fun I love going to DTLA,especially on the Metro. Ohh and the textile district is so addicting! Next time your in DTLA you have to stop at Wurstk├╝che on 3rd, your hubby will never mind shopping with you in LA after you take him here!

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